Physiotherapy is the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions by means of physical therapy. This may involve the use of various hands on techniques, exercises, stretching and rehabilitation, postural and functional correction ultra sound and advice.

Conditions suitable for treatment are spinal pain and symptoms such as referred arm, head and leg pain [sciatica], muscle, tendon and ligament injury, joint injury and associated restriction of movement, also sports injuries and orthopaedic problems such as following joint replacement and fractures.

All clients will have an assessment prior to treatment and be given an indication of how much treatment they may require. Clients do not generally require a GP or consultant referral.

Annette has now retired as a registered Physiotherapist in order to concentrate on the Bowen Fascial Release technique which many physiotherapists have been successfully incorporating into their treatment, as she has done for several years.

In her continued specialisation as a fully qualified, experienced and registered Bowen practitioner she is still able to contribute her physiotherapy expertise as an extremely useful adjunct to the Bowen treatment regarding assessment, rehabilitation and exercise advice.


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Annette Todd MCSP