Foot Health Professional

Susan Marchant is a qualified Foot Health Professional and is a member of the Open College of Foot Health Professionals and the British Association of Foot Health Professionals.

Susan offers you the following services

  • Routine foot and nail care
  • Treatment for nail deformities
  • Corn, callous and hard skin removal
  • Treatment for verrucae
  • Foot care for diabetic patients
  • Nail infection control
  • Ingrown toenail
  • Treatment for disorders causing discomfort of the feet
  • Customised Insoles
  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Custom made orthotics to correct gait problems

Making an appointment with Susan means

  • No lengthy waiting lists
  • Appointments to suit your lifestyle
  • Neurological and vascular tests carried out to evaluate foot health
  • Peace of mind. Using a vacuum autoclave all instruments are sterilized in sealed pouches.


1st Appointments                    60 min.s                                     £33.00

Follow up appointments           45 min.s                                     £33.00


Home visits are available.

Susan Marchant