Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue massage is a system of manipulation of the soft tissues of the body with the hands. For thousands of years massage was the principle method of treatment for musclo-skeletal problems and many different techniques have evolved.

The benefits of deep tissue massage include improved circulation, increased flexibility/range of joint movement, reduced soft tissues swelling (if present), better pain management and a general feeling of well-being.

The process of deep tissue massage is deeper than relaxing massage and therefore the benefits are usually greater.

Injury Treatment: pain can be felt long after an injury. Often this is due to soft tissue trauma and scar tissue. Advanced clinical massage (myofascial release and trigger point therapy) can be used to reduce pain from injury.

Clinical massage is also extremely good for current soft tissue injuries as it will enhance the recovery time and reduce scar tissue that could cause pain in the future.

Stress and Tension: Advanced clinical massage is great for releasing tension from high stress levels that we have to cope with daily. I have found that tension headaches, back ache and neck ache has been reduced with massage.

Sports: Pre and post sports massage is very effective. Pre sports massage invigorates the body’s muscles, warms them up and helps to get the person ready mentally for the event.

Post sports massage is very effective if reducing lactic acid, aiding healing of micro tears that the body may get from excessive exercise and reduces the recovery time the body needs.


60 min.s                                   £48.00

45 min.s                                   £38.00

30 min.s                                   £28.00


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